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So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

I know the pain  / Stormie Murphy (passerby)
I'm sorry 4  your loss. I too know the pain of losing a litttle one. I just lost my little cousin  He was born on the 7th of july of 2006 and died july 8th 2006  He was two months premature and his name too was Alexander.
Cant believe  / Aunt Dawn (One of 2 favorite aunts )
you've been gone a whole year.  Just know you are still very much with all of us who knew you, every single day.  Alexanxer, you created a special place in all our hearts and nomatter how much we miss you, we're better people because you touched our lives so briefly and reminded us how precious every moment truly is. XO
Happy Easter to your family!!  / Jody Johnson (None-Mom to angel,Mason Bailey Johnson )
Sorry / Naomi

Sorry for your loss of your so handsome lil' man.He is absolutely gorgeous."PLANTED ON EARTH TO BLOOM IN HEAVEN".Sending you all my love,my heart goes out to you.A kiss for Alexander.X.from Angel Laura Jean Porter's auntie

So Sorry For Your Loss....  / Stacey Streets (Another Angel Mom )
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son. Please accept a hug from one broken heart to another. My son passed away June 19, 2004.
No words I can say will make the hurt any less, Just remember we have little guardian angels now.And so many people who miss and grieve with you. Please Take Care and God Bless You and your Family.
If you get a chance please stop by Aidan's Memorial Site:

HUGS...Stacey angel mom to Aidan
Thank you  / Kara
Thank you for sharing your beautiful son.  Thank you for being such a great support to mommies like me on BBC.  Its a road we travel together, yet so alone.  May God bless you and your whole family.
Dear Mr Postman  / Irena Hill (none--nanny to an angel )
Dear Mr Postman,can you send a letter from me,

I need it sent from up above to my earthly family

Please send it quick, my mummy's sad, I hate to see her cry.

Every night she prays to God and sadly asks him why. 

Please let it say, I could not stay, with an Angel I had to go

I'm fine, I'm happy here with the other babies I know

I hope it reads to Daddy, I know you love me too

I miss you lots and all the things that we had planned to do.

Grandma, how I'll miss your hugs and kisses planned for me

I know how much you'll miss the growing child that I should be

Close it with, I love you so, I'm with you in your heart

I never really left you see, I was an angel from the start.


This was posted on my grandaughters site please visit if you like

you will find her at

Your little Alexander is a gorgeous little man, I know how much you must be missing him. My grandaughter lived for 15 precious weeks. We miss her so much.
So sorry  / Michelle Riederer (angel mom )
I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby girl on Febuary 28, 2005. I only have the memories of her while I carried her for 33 weeks. Your little boy is so adorable. I wish you and your family the best...
Take care,
Beautiful / Dani Z. (from Babycenter )
You're little boy is beautiful!
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